Are you in favor of taking health insurance from 20 million Americans? If so, you’re in a distinct minority: the Senate healthcare plan — what little we know of it —  is supported by a mere 15% of Americans.

So why did it even come to a vote in the Senate? Distressingly, it appears that the answer is that Mitch McConnell and his GOP colleagues really don’t care what Americans think.

Leaving aside the irresponsibility of voting for a bill without knowing its contents contents — would you buy a house without going inside? — there’s the question of repealing a healthcare bill without properly replacing it, which Americans clearly oppose.

This is part of a larger assault on American political institutions by Republicans. Consider the outrage of denying a sitting president the opportunity to have his Supreme Court nominee considered. Or the outrageous gerrymandering that has effectively given Wisconsin Republicans 10% more voting power than their fellow citizens who are Democrats.

Sure, I’m partisan. But I’m also an American, and I am outraged by the disregard of our democratic institutions and traditions by leaders of the GOP.

You should be, too.