Remember “voodoo economics?”

It’s baaack!

James Sensenbrenner and Paul Ryan have voted for a “tax reform” bill that actually hurts the middle class and threatens large cuts to Medicare.

Ryan says the cuts, which will cause a $1.5 trillion deficit, will create a million jobs. That’s $1.5 million per job. Ask a small business person how many jobs she can create with a million extra dollars. I’ll bet it’s more than one.

Meanwhile, Ron Johnson is holding out for more breaks for “pass through” corporations that would benefit people like himself. The average taxpayer? Not on Johnson’s radar. And not a peep about the destruction of the Individual Mandate for healthcare, which will take healthcare from 11 million Americans and jack up premiums for the rest of us.

The corporate tax cuts will benefit CEOs and shareholders, but no one else. The GOP is writing bills in secret and ramming them through without discussion — to help the 1% not, ironically, most of the people who voted for them.

As someone pointed out, Paul Ryan has one plan: Sometimes he calls it “healthcare reform,” sometimes he calls it “tax reform.” But whatever you call it, it’s a gift to folks who don’t need it, at the expense of those who do.