How’s the hope and change working out for me? Pretty well for me, and for most Americans.

We’ve passed the sort of health care bill we’ve be trying to pass since Teddy Roosevelt was president.

We’ve seen taxes lowered for most Americans.

We’ve seen economic stimulus package that has arrested the worst economic downturn since the 30s.

There are problems to be sure, primarily a deficit that’s largely the result of George Bush’s tax cuts and failed wars, and a weak economy whose meltdown began before Obama was elected.

But yeah, there’s no doubt that the change has been for the better.

Of course, complaining about the government is the great American pastime — I do it myself. But who really thinks McCain/Palin would have been better?

And make no mistake, the candidates the GOP is offering today are essentially McCain/Palin — on steroids, in many cases.

Think about that when you vote in November.