Thank you!

The unofficial numbers are in and I understand I’ve won 745 to 728.

I am honored to have been elected alderman by the Wauwatosa citizens of the Third District.  It is my intention to be proactive in soliciting the views of my constituents on the issues that concern us all. I strongly believe that the more input on a problem, the more likely a successful resolution of that problem.

I understand that we don’t all share the same political views. But we do share this city, and I intend to work for all residents of the Third District. I also understand that a margin of 1.2% is hardly a mandate; I will work hard to earn the trust and respect of all the citizens of the Third District, by doing the work that they rightfully expect of their alder.

Some thank you’s are in order.

First, to those who voted for me: I realize that this is an act of faith. I hope to justify your vote in the coming months and years, so that should you vote for me in the future, it will be based on a record of satisfactory performance.

I’d also like to thank those who worked to help me get elected. It’s humbling and motivating to know that people are willing to offer their resources to you. I feel a special obligation to make their commitment worthwhile.

Finally, I’d like to thank Jackie Jay for her service to the city and the citizens of the Third District. I appreciate her commitment and the contributions of time and effort to our city. I’m also grateful that we were able to conduct this campaign in a way that is a credit to Wauwatosa, without dishonesty or personal meanness.